Good Morning

This is often how my day starts, walking to the allotment at 5 or 6 in the morning. I really like big skies and birdsong as a way to wake up but quite often supplement it with a thermos of coffee too! A bit wind-tousled, not always wearing big glamorous sunglasses,  but usually smiling. So,... Continue Reading →

A Shed of Sweet Peas…

I have mentioned one of my allotment neighbours, Paddy, before. His plot is like a perfect display of vegetables and - if you will pardon the pun - he knows his onions. He would claim to be a pretty manly practical kind of chap, I suspect. But he grows sweet peas for his wife because... Continue Reading →

Mind Gardening

The RHS Chelsea show at the end of May is always an opportunity to promote different aspects of gardening. This year there was a particular focus on the link with wellbeing for both children and adults. Many of us are aware that the effects of mental health issues in our families and communities seems to... Continue Reading →

A Bit of History

Allotments are part of the history for working people in the UK but not so familiar as a concept in other countries, so I thought some of my readers might like a little bit of history. It is rather nice to think about all the other people who have worked this soil and enjoyed a... Continue Reading →

Best Bib and Tucker

On 11th June, like many allotment associations, mine has an award scheme. For different plot sizes and for newcomers. Amazingly last year, I won a 2nd prize as a newcomer. Not deserved at all really considering that by the autumn, illness had stopped me tending it and it looked like a wasteland. But it was... Continue Reading →

June Looks Like This…

May brought the first strawberries and radishes and salad leaves. June brings baby courgettes and courgette flowers, broad beans, peas, endive, rainbow chard, new potatoes, baby carrots, lots of fresh herbs....and still more radishes! And shallots and red onions coming up in the fast outside lane....

The Rose Race: First

This is the first rose to flower on the allotment. To be fair, it was planted over a year ago so it had a head start as it is starting to clamber over my little white rickety shed. It is a climbing rose called Etoile de Hollande. Repeat flowering again in September. Smells like ginger... Continue Reading →

With A Little Help (And Gin)

I have the most frustrating temperamental portable generator in the world. And a lot of grass. This is my uncle who came to visit and try to repair my generator in the sunshine. Much muttering about carburettors, float valves and fuel thingies....the odd rude word under his breath. As a distraction, we chatted about gin.... Continue Reading →

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