The Rose Race: First

This is the first rose to flower on the allotment. To be fair, it was planted over a year ago so it had a head start as it is starting to clamber over my little white rickety shed. It is a climbing rose called Etoile de Hollande. Repeat flowering again in September. Smells like ginger... Continue Reading →


With A Little Help (And Gin)

I have the most frustrating temperamental portable generator in the world. And a lot of grass. This is my uncle who came to visit and try to repair my generator in the sunshine. Much muttering about carburettors, float valves and fuel thingies....the odd rude word under his breath. As a distraction, we chatted about gin.... Continue Reading →

My First Salad

Yesterday i had my first salad from the little plot...the thinnings of spicy salad leaves, pretty radishes and some nice fresh herbs! And a glass of wine....(not as yet homegrown!)

Will the Courgettes Survive?

Feeling rather guilty. I gambled and planted out my courgettes about ten days ago. The weather was beautiful and the forecast looked fine. And then blow me down, a couple of nights later the temperature dropped just low enough to frost singe them. I have no cloches so these old bits of greenhouse glass were... Continue Reading →

May Makeovers II

This is the cold frame that my father built for me in 2009. Two gardens and two homes later, and after my father has died, it came back home to my little plot by the sea. My father was an engineer and it was beautifully constructed with levers and even wooden pins. There is love... Continue Reading →

April Showers and Straw

Is it me or are the strawberries coming into flower early this year? The first half of April was sunny and warm; the second half was chilly and windy. But look, flowers and even a couple of small green fruit... The straw was a bribe gift from my dear friend Lisa who expects jam later... Continue Reading →

May Makeovers I

Repair. Re-use. Re-cycle. Re-purpose. The ethos of many allotment folk is to find creative ways to use and rescue what they have. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps because allotments started as a way to supplement the food needs of working families rather than a leisure pursuit. Certainly there are some pretty snazzy looking... Continue Reading →

March Measures

March is also a time for sowing and planting and digging. New potatoes, shallots and red onions. I am trying Casablanca for the first time, along with Nicola which I have grown in the past. A first early and a salad potato. This year my potato plot is a little bigger in the slight shade... Continue Reading →

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