We’re Jammin’

I’m hoping to avoid jam-making for 2 weeks until I move but might need to squeeze it in as the fruit is appearing from all corners…


Jam season has arrived. The back garden has suddenly burst into a forest of fruitfulness and I’m sterilising jars like there’s no tomorrow.

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Persistence Mk2

The portable generator above is my nemesis. I have tried to get it to work. I have batted my eyelashes and asked allotment gentlemen to try to get it to work. It just won't....and meanwhile my grass grows and grows between the beds. So, Mk2 failed. Mk3? Hmm, maybe I need a second-hand push lawnmower...... Continue Reading →

Persistence Mk 1

We have had some serious rain here in the last few days. Warm+Wet+Absence=Weeds & Grass. Life is throwing me some curved balls right now; problems that I have no idea how to fix or even if they are fixable. So, rather than lie awake worrying, I decided to hit the allotment at 5am. Unsurprisingly, there... Continue Reading →

Fighting the Garden Demons

All gardeners know this feeling, I think…but also how important it is to not let the ‘must do’ eat up all of the joy of the still moments


How can anyone enjoy gardening at this time of year? It’s warm, sweaty, and there are more weeds popping up than vegetables. Slugs are slithering all over your dahlias, and blackfly have set up lookout posts on your cherry tree. Easy, I love gardening.

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May 24th: Day 34

I heard on the radio this morning a report from Chelsea Flower Show talking about gardening for mental health. Yesterday was one of those days when the universe gave me a kicking from all corners. A really rough overwhelming day, so today was definitely a mental health day. Didn't sleep so got to the plot... Continue Reading →

May 20th: Day 30

I am actually starting to see progress now, albeit with a little bit of pragmatic 'cheating'. Planted French beans, Little Gem lettuces and Red Salad Bowl which I bought and hardened off in the cold frame. Delighted to see though the first shoots of garlic and shallots, and my early potatoes and strawberries are romping... Continue Reading →

Introducing My New Love…

Appropriate on the day of the Royal Wedding...I am shamefacedly smitten by my Mantis tiller. (I call him Roy.) Not sure why. Like any new love, he isn't perfect...needs fuel and a bit of effort. But he's my first tiller...and I wonder how I lived without him now. You can see how he helped me... Continue Reading →

When Is A Bucket Not A Bucket?

Answer: when it needs to be a camping toilet... Yesterday was a mix of the sublime and the ridiculous. A big bit of good news, sowing wildflower seeds to keep my putative rose bed busy and lunch with a chum. Re-using these green plastic boxes from the house of dear friends donated years ago....a little... Continue Reading →

May 14th: Day 24

  Look, progress! Spent the day yesterday digging out what will be a rose bed later in the year and one of my lovely allotment neighbours helped me out with some spare rotted manure. Proving that my little plot by the sea is rather special, he also told me that it benefited from large doses... Continue Reading →

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